“Hamma Hamma”

December 15, 2021

“Hamma Hamma” is the latest in the Washington River series. It is a relatively short river cascading down the east side of the Olympic Mountains into Hood Canal. It is named for the Twana village Hab’hab which refers to the reed that grows on the river bank. It supports an endangered salmon run and is included in the Wild Olympic Wilderness and the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

New Video of my studio

August 23, 2020



June 12, 2020

Hoh“Hoh” is based on an image taken at the Oxbow Campground, just off 101 near Kalaloch. It is the heart of the rainforest and is often shrouded in mist and gray water. It travels west from the Olympics through the Park and the Hoh reservation before bending again and pouring into the Pacific

Upper Quinault

June 12, 2020

“Upper Quinault” is part of the Quinault River. This spot is near the Graves Creek Campground which is as far up the river as one can drive. It is a jumping off point for hikers doing trails to further peaks. The Quinault flows west through the Olympic National Park, the Quinault Reservation and ends at the Pacific Ocean.Macdonald-Upper Quinault ATB


June 12, 2020

Yakima“Yakima” is a view of the river in the gorge. It is a popular flyfishing river that is full of beauty at every bend. It starts on the east side of the Cascades and winds its way through orchards, vineyards and farms on its way to the Columbia. The numbers on these tapestries are the latitude and longitude of this spot on the river

More in the Washington River Series

June 12, 2020

“Green River” is from an image taken from the bridge crossing a gorge on the river. It is a popular spot on a hot summer day. The rocks you see are the size of houses. The Green River starts in the Cascade Mountains and runs downhill through farmland, industrial land and becomes the Duwamish Waterway before emptying into Elliot Bay .Macdonald_Green River

Two new River pieces

August 2, 2018

“Elwah” and “Nisqually at Longmire” have joined my river series. I have two more in the works. “Nisqually at Longmire” is currently at Blend Wine Shop and then will travel to the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle in the Fall. I am quite happy with the way this series is developing. Some images are abstract close ups and others are more landscape. These two fall into the abstracted category.

Two new pieces

February 20, 2017

“Dungeness” tapestry                         “Maui Tidepools” oil on canvas

Just finished “Dungeness”, another in my Washington rivers series. “Tidepool” was completed late last summer. Both pieces are pushing a more abstract direction with a strong focus on composition. I like the way your eye is forced to move around the work and hope it translates into a more intimate relationship with place.

“Cottonwood Canal” headed to The Arts Center in Corvallis OR for “Pacific Time Zone” Aug.18-Sept.20

August 8, 2016


Maybe the last two boats

June 13, 2016

                          “Drifting in Gray”                        “Drifting Done”